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What is an MX Entry?
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What is an MX Entry?

MX stands for Mail eXchanger. An MX Entry is used to tell other servers where to deliver email for your domain.

When editing your MX entry you can have the server automatically detect if it is the mail exchanger based on your MX entries or if it is a backup or remote mail exchanger.

Unless you know you need to use something other than "Automatically Detect Configuration" then you should always select this option.

email routing settings

Adding a new MX entry

In order to add a new mail exchange record you need to know the priority and it's full domain name, you cannot use an IP address here.

Priority works that a lower value equals a higher priority with the highest priority being 0.

The entries with lowest priority are the ones that receive the mail sent to your domain. Higher priority should be used for Backup or secondary mail servers.

If you assign the same priority then the server will distribute mail to those servers randomly as such it is best to avoid this.

Adding a new MX record

Editing MX Entries

Editing Mail Exchange entries is a simple as clicking on the edit action, this will allow you to change both the priority and the domain name. In addition you can completely remove a record through the remove function.

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