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What are Autoresponders?
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What are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders allow you to set up generic email responses to emails that you may get whilst not in a position to respond. Alternatively you can set them up on accounts that you don't expect to get emails back on to inform the sender that they've sent email to an account that will not be read and provide information on the correct communication channels.

The most common kind of auto responder is an out of office message that you may setup while on holiday.

Creating a new Autoresponder all you need to do is assign to it the email address you wish for it to listen to, you can then create the email that you wish to be sent when ever an email is received. 

Char Selection for Auto Responder

The Character Set allows you to manipulate what characters that you want the email to be made of by default it should be in utf-8 which is the standard for most users requirement. However if you know that you need to change this you can do it from here. Please note that you should change this first as any change here will delete the rest of the forms entries.

Autoresponder email address

This section allows you to dictate the email address for which the autoresponder is listening to, email should be written and doesn't have to correspond to an email account, as a result you can set up autoresponders for mailing lists and temporary emails.

Autoresponder Example Email

The last section is that of the email that should be sent in response. From does not have to be an email it can simply be a Name or other ID to say who's sending the email. 


In addition to this it is possible to set the autoresponder to be active over certain dates by changing the start and stop dates and times.

Autoresponder date time settings


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