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What are Mailing Lists?
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What are Mailing Lists?

Mailing lists allow you to email a large number of accounts at a time from a single email address, this is especially good for newsletters or promotional offer types of emails that you wish to reach a large customer base.

Creating a Mailing list

In order to create a mailing list you will need to assign a unique List name for the mailing list. Then you will have to create a strong password to secure the list.

You can then choose whether you want the mailing list to be a public or private list.

Public Mailing Lists mean that people can subscribe to the mailing list themselves and do not need to be approved by an admin.

Private Mailing Lists require that the administrator for the mailing list approve subscriptions to it, in addition the mailing list will not be publicly displayed.

Click "Add Mailing List" to complete creation.  

You will then be prompted that the list has been created and upon returning to the Mailing List screen be able to see it in the list of current mailing lists.

Current Mailing Lists

Managing Current Mailing Lists

You can manage your mailing lists in a number of ways through the Current Lists section. 

From here you can change the lists privacy settings by clicking on the option under access.

View the mailing lists admin, which by default should be yourself.

Delete the list.

Change passwords. Make sure all passwords are as strong as possible, your mailing lists may contain sensitive user information.

Manage your mailing lists; This opens the administration panel for the actual mailing list and contains all the options for customizing each mailing list. 

Admin Privileges Delegation

The last option under your current mailing lists is Delegation. This allows you to perform Admin delegation which allows you to assign a user to the mailing list in order for that user to manage it.

Delegating admins to mail lists



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