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What is Email Authentication?
Posted by Matthew Jeffels, Last modified by Matthew Jeffels on 11 July 2016 06:25 PM

What is Email Authentication?

Email Authentication attempts to help prevent spam from your email accounts. It does this by adding additional reputable information to the emails that you send, this makes it harder for undesirable 3rd parties to imitate your emails and as a result should reduce the number of failed delivery notifications your domain receives. In addition to the base configurations you can add additional advanced settings to your account allowing you to more specifically customize the email. 

Advanced Settings

Additional web hosts

Sometimes you may have additional web hosts that also send emails for your domains. Adding them in the advanced options will mean that the system will approve all mail sent from those hosts. 

Additional Mail Exchangers

You can add additional MX/Mail Exchange servers for your domains, this allows you to specify that these can send mail from your domains. 

Additional authorized IP's

You can add IP addresses that are approved to send mail for your domains, this automatically includes your server's IP Address

Auth Include List

Include List allows you to include additional domains to include in your SPF settings. This is especially useful if you need to send emails through another service. 


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