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What is the Address Importer?
Posted by Matthew Jeffels, Last modified by Matthew Jeffels on 11 July 2016 09:02 PM

What is the Address Importer?

The address importer allows you to take a large collection of either email addresses or forwarder addresses and import them into your server's address book quickly. This can be done through either using a Excel Spreadsheet of addresses or through the use of a comma separated list of addresses. For more examples follow the link on cPanel to the example page.

Simply select the type of document you wish to upload, whether it contains E-mail accounts or that of Forwarders. Then you can select the file to upload from your system. The Delimiter will be what separates the items of each account, simply select the one that you have used.

Importing emails

Click next and then you will be presented with something similar to the following screen.

 Email Importer Uploaded Document Screen

Make sure that each dropdown is accurate to what is stored then click next.

Review importer accounts

Once again you will be prompted to go over the accounts that you are proposing to upload. If everything is correct then click finish this will complete the process of importing the accounts.

Importing screen

You will then be shown a screen that shows if the email importing was done successfully. As you can see one of our accounts was not created as its password was too weak, remember to always have very strong passwords for all your accounts.

You can then choose to import more. If you don't wish to you can navigate back to the cPanel home.


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