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Awstats is a service that allows you to view visual data about your domains visitors.

Select Domain

To access Awstats first select the domain that you wish to access by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Awstats has a large range of different information that you may find useful for your website, both in regards to maintenance and tracking growth. 

The first thing Awstats does is track how many visitors your site receives over different time scales; Monthly History being year, Months, Week and hour.

In addition it shows you where in the world your site is attracting visitors from.

World User Traffic

Awstats then breaks down these visits to your site into a range of other data about them.

These include the IP addresses of those who visit with how many times they have, a list of authenticated users as well as a list of automated bot programs (Google/Bing etc) that have visited. 

Awstats then breaks it down into the generic information about each user who visited your site. This shows data such as how long they spend on your site, what the bandwidth is used on average, as well as what it is that the users have viewed.

User data

In addition you can view data on the kinds of operating systems and web browsers your visitors are using and the amount of each that they are using. 

Awstat Operating system and browser statistics

Finally you can see useful information on how users have reached your site, and the keywords used to find it.

Awstats navigation information


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