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Analog Stats
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Analog Stats

Analog Stats allows you to see a large amount of detailed data about your website that is broken down into a range of different sections that you may find useful for maintaining and managing both your website and online business.

Accessing Analog Stats

Analog stats is accessed through the cPanel homepage under Metrics. You then will need to select the domain that you wish to see the data for by clicking the corresponding "View" action.

Select your Domain

From there you will have to select the month you want the statistics for;

Select the Month you wish to see the statistics for 

Analog Stats Statistics

Analog Stats provides detailed information on a large range of statistics about your websites traffic;

General Summary

The General Summary provides a basic overview into the traffic that your site has received in a numeric base. This is split into both a lifetime and a past week with the past weeks data being in brackets (xxxx); 

Analog Stats General Report

Monthly Report

The Monthly Report provides an overview of your sites traffic on a month by month basis.

This allows you to see the potential growth in traffic of your website as well as view the peak months for web traffic. Additionally a record is kept of your busiest month below the table. 

Analog Stats Monthly Report

Daily Summary

The Daily Summary breaks down the traffic of your website into a week traffic report. This allows you to see when your site receives the most traffic throughout the days of a week.

This allows you to better schedule times for maintenance or peak times when you should favour premium advertisements or offers.

Analog Stats Daily Report

Hourly Summary

The hourly summary allows you to see the variation in traffic that your website is receiving over a 24 hour period.

Again this also allows you to see when your peak times of traffic for your site is as well as the times in a day where maintenance could be performed during lower traffic hours.

Analog stats hourly report

Organization Report

 The organization report shows you a view of ip addresses visiting your site by organisation. 

Analog Stats Organization Report

Failed Referrer Report

The failed Referrer report is a graph and list of attempted requests to pages within your domain that resulted in a failed or declined response from the server.

This could be pages that have been poorly linked or because users are attempting to request pages that do not exist or access to areas of the site that they do not have permission to.

Analog Stats Failed Referrer Report

Referring Site Report

The Referring site report creates both a graphical representation and list of where it is users are being directed to your site from.

This could be from search engines or advertisements that you have made and is a good way to judge how effective both your online marketing and SEO is.

Analog Stats Referrer Report


Browser Report & Summary

The browser report gives you a very detailed report of the most used browser software being used by your clients.

Analog Stats Browser Report

In addition to this there is a breakdown of the browser report. This breaks the highly detailed report down into a more simplified and clear report that highlights the main web browsers that are being used. In addition it breaks down browsers by type into the versions that users are currently using.

Analog Stats Browser Summary

Operating System Report

 The Operating System Report gives you a breakdown of your visitors computer operating system that they were using when they accessed your site. 

Analog Stats Operating System Report

Status Code Report

The status code report gives you a break down of the potential error codes that have been served by your site.

This lets you know about the health of your site and its links. a large increase in 404 requests for example could mean that you have a number of broken links within your site which should be fixed.

Analog Stats Status Code Report

File Size Report

The File Size report gives you a break down on the average file size of resources that your users are attempting to access.

Analog Stats File Size Report

File Type Report

The File Type report can be used in conjunction with that of the file size report to help better identify the files that users are accessing.

Analog Stats File Type Report

Directory Report

The Directory report gives you a detailed breakdown of the traffic that your individual web pages are receiving and allows you to better track where it is that your users are navigating to within your domain.

Analog Stats Directory Report

Request Report

The Request report breaks down the most requested items of your site by the top 20. In addition to this it will tell you when the specific item was last accessed.

Analog Stats Request Report


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