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Webalizer allows you to generate a very quick visual representation of your sites traffic.

Simply select the domain that you wish to have analysed and webalizer will produce the graphs for you.

Select your domain

Webalizer's graphic interface is very compact however it contains within it a large range of data that you may be interested in.

Webalizers graphic data

This can be broken down even further by clicking on a particular month to get a detailed statistics break down for that month.

Webalizers detailed monthly break down is split into several sections;

Daily Statistics

Daily statistics breaks down the days that your site sees the most traffic. 

Webalizers Daily Statistics

Hourly Statistics

Hourly Statistics gives you a detailed breakdown of when in the day it is that your site is seeing the most traffic.

This could be useful for example if you want to introduce premium advertising at peak periods or when you can afford to perform maintenance during low traffic periods.

Webalizers Hourly Statistics


URLs shows where the traffic of your website is spending its time. You can see this by the breakdown of each individual pages hit count. In addition to this you can see how much each page costs in terms of data transfer, this can potentially highlight where your bandwidth is being overused. 


Entry shows where most of the users of your website begin at. This should largely be your homepage but this could be another page. For instance if you were running an advertisement that linked to a specific page on your domain, you could judge how successful the advertisement was being by how many people entered your site from that page.


Exit like Entry shows where it is that users often end up leaving your website. This could be used to judge how successful your site is being for example through seeing lots of exits from site after completion of payment for an item purchase or maybe your visitors are exiting on a page that needs more work to keep them on your website. 


Sites is a list of the most common sites that visitors to your website come from, many customers could be directed from the same site however but this helps you gauge where you are attracting them from.

Webalizers Site Statistics


Referrers indicate the sites that a user has navigated from to reach your site. This could be from a search engine, advertisement or another link about your site.

Webalizers Referrer Statistics


Agents allow you to see what browsers are being used to view your website. This allows you to better refine your site to meet each individual browsers needs and requirements.

Webalizers Browser Statistics


This allows you to see where most of your web traffic is originating from this can allow you to see where in the world your attracting more business from. This can allow you to see potential emerging markets for your business as well as cater for specific countries needs.

Webalizers Country Statistics


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