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Hotlink Protection
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Hotlink Protection

Hotlink protection allows you to dictate whether or not other websites can directly link to resources or other files on your site from there own. In doing this websites that directly embed your sites resources into their own are taking bandwidth away from your server. This is because every time the site that has your content on needs to load that file it has to request it from your server. 

By Default Hotlink Protection is Disabled and for most sites shouldn't be something that you should have to worry about. However if you are hosting a number of high quality images and wish to enable it it can be done as follows;

Enabling Hotlink Protection

To enable hotlink protection the first thing that you will need to do is click enable.

Enable Hotlink Protection

You will then need to configure your hotlink protection.

Firstly to allow specific sites to access your content you will need to add their URLs to your list to allow access to;

Allowed URLS

You will then need to decide on the file types that it is that you do not wish to be capable of being hotlinked to. By default these are the popular image formats.

File Types to block

Allow direct requests allows users to view resources if they have the direct link to it.

Allow Direct Requests

The Redirect the Request option allows you to redirect any hotlinks to a specific URL. This could be to a page that explains you do not appreciate your content being hot linked in such a way or just directs to a content unavailable page.

Clicking Submit will confirm these configurations.

Disabling Hotlink Protection

To Disable Hotlink protection simply click Disable; WARNING the system will delete all the entries in the listed URL's if its likely that you will enable Hotlink Protection again we recommend that you back these up somewhere locally. 



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