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Leech Protection
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Leech Protection

Leech protection is a feature that can be used together with directory privacy to help prevent access to restricted areas of your file system by unauthorized users. If your passwords for restricted areas of your file system are leaked or given out to malicious individuals Leech Protection can alert you and potentially disable the account until you or another admin can resolve the issue.

Setup Leech Protection

For example if you wished to have a restricted image access area of your site and want the leech protection to be active over this area then you can set up a system like this;

Firstly select the directory you wish to protect;

 Leek Protection Directories

From here you will be presented with the following screen;

Leech Protection Options

Simply Fill in the options as you see fit. I would recommend that you atleast enable both the email alert and disable the compromised account so that you can be informed and prevent access.

Leech Protection Options Completed

Once this is done simply click Enable and this will activate Leech protection on that area. You will still need to have active Directory Privacy on that area however otherwise nothing will happen. For more details on directory Privacy see here.

Disabling Leech Protection

To Disable leech protection simply click on the area you wish to disable and click on Disable;

Leech Protection Disable


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