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PHP PEAR Packages
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PHP PEAR Packages

PHP PEAR Packages allows you to choose from a large range of different pre created PHP plugins to help you do more with your PHP.

These programmes are not designed as independent solutions but are there to make the development of PHP based scripts for your site easier.

PHP PEAR Packages has a large range of different modules ranging from e commerce and shopping cart integration to calendar, mail and bulletin board support.

The easiest way to see if there is a package suitable for you is to use the search.

Find PHP Extensions

Clicking on "Show Available Modules" Will give you an extensive list, the below image shows just a few items as an example.

To Install an extension simply click on install, alternatively you can click on show Docs to find more information out about the extension.

Select PHP Extension

During the install process you will be presented with a page similar to this;


PHP Pear Install Extension

Alternatively you can install from the main page if you know the extensions full name, else you will be prompted with unknown extension error.

Alternative Installation

Refreshing the page after installation will show you the mods you just installed;

Installed Extensions

From the Installed PHP Extensions and Applications table you can perform a range of maintenance and view each extensions documentation that you will need to understand in order to use.


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