Domain Name FAQ & Advice
Posted by Paul Nesbitt on 04 July 2016 10:37 AM

Domain Name FAQ

Domain Name FAQ & Advice

After deciding on an idea and finding a great host, the most difficult step of starting your own website is often choosing the right name. Online ‘domain generators’ can be useful for giving you ideas, but the process is more complicated than putting together some words. Here at PAC Web Hosting, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions and offer advice for finding the perfect domain name.


How do I find the right name for me?

Finding the right name can be the most challenging part of starting your own website. Ideally, your domain name should be short, memorable and easy to type. Hyphens and numbers don’t work well in domain names, so avoid them if you can. If possible, try to add in some keywords relevant to your website – this will help with the SEO of your website further down the line.


What is the right domain name extension for me?

Over the last several years, there has been an explosion in new domain name extensions with names like .london, .careers, .tickets and .you providing new ways to connect with audiences. While these extensions are useful for niche websites, more traditional extensions work best.


Good quality .com, .org and .net names are sought after as they’re the most commonly accepted extensions. Moz argues that .com should be your only choice if you’re serious about building a successful website because it is the most well-respected and memorable extension.


Of course, there is no harm in purchasing multiple domain names and directing them back to your website. Many businesses purchase all of the key extensions, such as .com, .net, .info, .org to ensure they protect their name and add new ways of people to connect to their website.


My name has been taken. What should I do?

The internet is a big place and so short, memorable domain names are usually hard to find. If your first choice has been taken, consider buying a different extension (such or .net) or go back to the drawing board and come up with another name.


In some occasions, companies buy domain names with the intention to sell on. Visit the website you want to purchase and see if it is available for sale. Alternatively, if the domain is no longer in use, try and find out how long the owner has left – if the domain is up for renewal soon, try and buy it as soon as it expires.


Do I need to transfer my domain name to move to a new web host?

A domain transfer is the moving of your domain from one registrar to another. 

Domains and web hosting are two separate products, so you don’t need to transfer your domain name to move to a new host. However, if you prefer to have your web hosting and domain name all in one place, you can transfer your domain name to PAC.    


Why should I buy multiple years on my domain name?      

Extending the duration of your domain name prevents others from buying it, should it expire without you realising. Having a long life on your domain name also shows that you’re committed to your website, which can be a useful selling point when dealing with clients. 


If you have yet to buy your new name, don’t forget that every annual plan at PAC Web Hosting comes with a free domain name.

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