Beat the Nominet Price Rise!
Posted by Paul Nesbitt on 04 February 2016 04:24 PM

Beat the Nominet Price Rise!

On the 1st of March 2016 Nominet the domain registry for .uk are raising the cost of their wholesale price by £1.25 a year.

Accordingly our pricing for these domains will rise in line with the wholesale increase.

If you intend to register a domain or renew an existing one you have you can do it now for up to 9 years for a renewal and 10 for a registration and beat the price increase!

To register new domains please visit this LINK

For renewals of existing domains with PAC Web Hosting please visit this LINK

Please note you can only renew the above mentioned domain types when there is 180 days or less to their expiry date, our system will let you know this.

If you have domains with other providers that you would like to transfer to PAC Web Hosting you can do that at this LINK Further information on transferring your domains to PAC Web Hosting is HERE


Paul Nesbitt
PAC Web Hosting


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