How to add an FTP Account?
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How to add an FTP Account?

Creating a new FTP account to access your server resources is simple and quick to do.

Adding an FTP Account

Enter the username you wish to use in the Log In box.

Enter and confirm the password you wish to use, make sure that this password is as strong as possible. You're creating an account that can have access to your server resources so you want this to be a secure as you can make it.

Enter the FTP account home directory, this is the top level of access this account will have, the account can access everything from this directory and its subdirectories but it cannot access anything outside of that. This means that if you only want the account to have access to the images folder select this as its directory. If you want access to everything leave this blank. 

Enter the quota or select unlimited. This restricts the amount of data that the account can transfer. 

Once you click Create FTP Account you will see it in the list of FTP Accounts

Managing Existing Accounts

FTP Account Managment

In the ftp account list you can view the information for all the ftp accounts that you have created. You can see the Log in name, home directory of the account, the usage of their data quota and perform a range of management options on them.

Change password allows you to update a user's password.

Change Quota allows you to change how much data limit the ftp account has.

Delete Allows you to delete the FTP account. Deleting gives you two options, delete the account only and delete the account and files. 

Only use delete account and files with extreme caution. If the FTP account that you delete can access the public_html directory, this option automatically removes the public_html directory and all of its contents, which will break your website. The delete account and files option deletes everything from the path directory for the ftp account you are deleting and its subdirectories use with extreme caution.

Configure FTP Client directs you to the instructions you may need in order to set up your FTP client to connect to the server with this account. To do this you can find more information in our article here


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